Video instructions and help with filling out and completing social security direct deposit form

Instructions and Help about social security direct deposit form

How to change Social Security direct deposit starting in 2013 a new law went into effect that requires all Social Security benefits to be deposited electronically in a bank account if you need to make changes to your direct deposit information you can do so either online or over the phone if you no longer want direct deposit you may request a waiver waivers are only granted for limited reasons one changing direct deposit online gather your information if you want to change your direct deposit information online it's a good idea to get any necessary documents together before you go to the Social Security website that way you won't have to stop and hunt for information for example if you've opened a new bank account that you want to use for your direct deposit get your bank account numbers and other information and have them handy you also may need to provide or confirm your social security number confirm your eligibility to make changes online nearly anyone who currently receives Social Security benefits can change their direct deposit information using the Social Security website however you'll have to call the helpline if you live overseas and do not have a US mailing address or using a foreign bank if you haven't yet set up an account on the Social Security website you also may wanted to call the website when you set up a new account you'll have to wait for a temporary password in the mail this may cause a delay before you can access your account for visit the Social Security website to change your direct deposit information go to the Social Security website at HTTP colon slash slash W W in the upper corner you'll see a link to log into your account click that link and enter your username and password once you've logged into your account select the direct deposit link in your account information to access the settings you wanted to change enter your new information from your online account you can change the bank name or account number as well as your own name address or other information associated with your account if you have difficulty typing or seeing information on a computer screen you may want a trusted friend or family member to help you change this information if you move make sure you change your address with Social Security as soon as possible even if you still use the same bank account differences in this information may delay your benefits verify your changes were made once you've made the necessary changes double check your documents to make sure you've entered everything correctly before you submit your information a box will pop up letting you know that your changes have been made successfully if the page gives you the option to print a confirmation you may want to do this so you have the confirmation for your records